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Dave Russ

Co-Founder of The Pro Team

5-Star Customer Service Award: 2013 each year to 2018

#1 in Sales at John R. Wood Properties in 2017

Serving Lee County Since 1995

Known as the gateway of Southwest Florida, 

Fort Myers and Lee County has been a major tourist destination for decades. Way back when, Thomas Edison and his good friend Henry Ford vacationed here in adjoining homes. And way before that, the Native American Calusa tribe called this region home. But history aside, Fort Myers is an ideal place to experience some of the most beautiful Florida world famous beaches, eye-catching natural encounters, and endless family fun.


Voted one of the best in and out international airports in Florida, it is located within a ½ hour of our beaches.  Lee County offer 4 major malls, theaters, 100’s of resturants, golf course, tennis, open enrollment schools, and all the entertainment the sunshine will give you. 

Dave can update you on all fun…but if you need a future home, Lee County has it all.  Lee County Florida also offers some of the best home values in the USA.  As of 2018 Lee County was adding 30+ new jobs everyday which means over 65 people move into Lee County everyday!

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